Introduction to HempInvest

HempInvest is an agro-industrial company specialized in the establishment and management of hemp plantations and allied processing and downstream industries.

HempInvest is committed to promoting the industrial revolution and focuses on hemp whole industrial chain investment, in the area of planting, extraction, R&D, production, and sales of industrial hemp-related products worldwide, covering biopharmaceuticals, daily necessities, textile fiber, composite materials, etc. In the meantime, HempInvest keeps deepening the industry analysis and industry layout, building media information platform and sales network, planning and developing hemp industry-exclusive health insurance products, doing research, and implementing the “patent pool” strategy to enter the global market.

The company takes a long-term approach to strategic decision-making that recognizes the interests of every party involved.

The company firmly believes in environmentally responsible management.
“Our vision is to acquire controlling stakes in hemp agro-industrial concerns and manage them in a sustainable and profitable manner, becoming a leader in the hemp industry.”


Our team strives to offer flexibility, service and a good price to quality ratio. We can meet any specialized need for long or short fibers.

The customer can choose between scutched or hackled hemp, scutched or hackled tow.

We are at your service to provide you with quotations, samples or any other necessary information.

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